Info For School

Blog Posts Regarding 504 Plans and School Toolkit Information and Suggestions:

Why You Should Have A 504 Plan – From (This blog)

{Diabetes At School} 504 Plan – from

The 504 – From

Documents – From

Information From Diabetes Organizations:

Section 504 Plan – From (American Diabetes Association)

Safe At School – From (American Diabetes Association)

504 Plans: A Guide For Parents – From Diabetes Forecast Magazine

Teaching Schools About Children’s Rights – From Diabetes Forecast Magazine (information on advocacy)

T1D Toolkits – From JDRF (free download after entering information)

Diabetes At School – From (additional list of links and resources)


All PDF files will open in browser. Editable files will download in Microsoft word format (.doc)  I cannot take credit for full creation of any of these documents.  A few of them were shared by others in the DOC and are unedited, others were found through an internet search, and others still were modified to my liking based on something that I found or was shared.  If you are the creator of any of the documents please feel free to comment below who I should credit and I will edit as soon as possible.

New this year (2014-2015 school year):

Sample High BG Troubleshooting

Sample 504 Plan, 6th grade student with pump and CGM in the Cloud

Sample Quick Reference Emergency Plan

Older Documents:

Letter To Substitute Sample – editable 

Letter To Substitute Sample PDF 

Sample Teacher and substitute info PDF 

school guide quick reference sample PDF 

504 plan sample- editable (From ADA)

504 plan sample PDF (From ADA)

Guidelines for classroom sample boys – editable 

Guidelines for classroom sample boys pdf 

Guidelines for classroom sample girls – editable

Guidelines for classroom sample girls PDF


3 thoughts on “Info For School

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  2. Hi Jessica, this is a great resource. When you have a moment let’s connect so I can share what we do at BlueLoop, a free web & mobile tool for T1D families and schools to help with daily care coordination.


    • Hi Pam! I am familiar with Blue Loop and have used the app myself. We don’t really keep a log anymore since starting on the pump and CGM, but your comment gives me an idea to add an app section to my resources list. If you’d like to talk further please feel free to email me at


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