Somebody had a birthday!

Angelina is 10 years old as of 8:43pm EST Aug 22, 2013.

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Here’s how the day went:

Went to the school at lunch time only to find out there will actually be two aides who will be taking turns helping Ang in the clinic. Normally, the more the merrier, but with Ang and her specific case I do not like not having just ONE person who is in charge of things at the school. I think having 2 people will likely lead to some confusion, and possibly a delay in treatment if they have to scramble to figure out who to call to come to her in an emergency since neither of the aides full time job is in the clinic. They are both aides helping other disabled or special needs kids in their classrooms and are pulled out if/when Ang comes to the office. I’m very frustrated about this situation because IF there is an emergency with her every second counts and precious minutes could be wasted while office staff try to figure out who to call and the amount of time it takes for that person to respond and get there. Both aides are in classrooms literally across the school from where Angelina’s classroom is, and the office is halfway between both.

I was able to get the living room and kitchen cleaned in the afternoon after picking up her cake (which was beautifully done and she loved it!). David got home around 4:30, so only 30 minutes later than planned, but he bought her a rose bouquet on his way home so I think that makes up for it. She decided she wanted to order pizza in for dinner and we ate around 5:45pm. Pizza is a particularly hard food to dose insulin for because of the very high fat content it has a nasty habit of being slow to digest which means that it usually really effects blood sugars a while after her insulin has already done it’s job. She decided to only eat 1 piece though so that definitely helped. 

She loved her presents, most of them she already knew about or helped pick out, so I did have a couple surprises in there, including the movie “Epic” which I picked up when I got her cake. She got Minecraft (game) on her phone and got pretty absorbed in that most of the night. I asked her what she wanted to do and did we want to do some family time but she was content playing her game so we just all had a low key kind of night. After cupcakes we put on her new movie and when it was over it was time for bed. There was no fighting/bickering. The only thing that even stands out is she insisted on lighting the candles on her cake and kept holding the match/candle downward and burning her finger and getting wax everywhere so David started to help by lighting candles on the other side and she had a mini-fit about it but recovered quickly and was happy again. 

Now for the technical stuff about how things went with her diabetes:
I checked her blood sugar shortly after David got home and she was around 250, her target range being 100-150, so we did a correction to get her closer to target before we even ordered the pizza. By the time we got the pizza and went to eat she was around 175, which is not a bad starting point. At 2 hours post-pizza she was 213 and we went ahead and did cupcakes. She got insulin for 1 cupcake and then a separate dose with her 2nd cupcake and a glass of milk. The second dose we did as a “dual wave” which means she got a small amount up front (since she already had some insulin going to cover the first cupcake and what was left of the pizza) and the rest of her dose slowly over 3 hours to help combat the likely spike from fat content. That was around 8:00. I checked her at 11:30 again, 30 minutes after the insulin dose was done and she was 201 with a small amount of insulin that was still working. This morning she woke up at 162, which is pretty close to her target range and is a perfectly acceptable number to me.

Here is how a type 1 diabetic celebrates their birthday: The same as anyone else – with CAKE!!!   And a side of glucose meter and insulin.

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