4 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. So frustrating! At this point the company owes you your own representative to directly deal with your case. It sounds demanding, but it’s not. You shouldn’t have to rehash your appeals every time you call. I had major issues with an insulin pump product 6 months ago. To the company’s credit, they eventually assigned a person to my case when they realized the frequency of the problems I was having with their product. I was able to directly email/call the rep. whenever anything came up. I hope your supply company is intuitive enough to set up something similar for you! That’s the least they could do at this point.

    P.S. “Best email signature ever” award. More of us need to follow your lead there.


    • Oh, this isn’t even an issue with the medical supply company. They are doing their job in waiting for the authorizations (obviously to make sure the insurance will pay the claim) before they send the supply. The issue comes in when the bill is then sent directly to the insurance company (and not to the IPA, which is who authorizes the orders) and the insurance company themselves deny payment to the supply company. I got a letter back in January that says “we have not received medical necessity documentation and cannot continue to approve claims for these items.” So I called the IPA to ask why the medical necessity wasn’t submitted to the insurance company and their response was “We handle the authorizations, but they actually get the bills and we do not send them the medical necessity paperwork from the doctor.” I couldn’t even get a COPY of any of that to send to the insurance company myself. I was told that it was unnecessary. Someone doesn’t seem to think so though. But when I call the insurance company member services they say that medical necessity is established in her file, yet the claims dept doesn’t seem to ever notice that, or even look (my guess).


      • Ridiculous. You would think that when they see that it’s a medical product helping a child, they would at least put a little effort into it. The insurance company owes you your own assigned rep., then! Sorry to hear about this and hope it all works out somehow!


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