Timing of Bolus Insulin based on Glycemic Index and Blood sugar levels before meals

Carbohydrate Counting for Children – Lilly Diabetes

hypo-hyper glycemia chart of symptoms – Novo Nordisk

Blood Ketone Range Chart

Epocrates Insulin Comparisons

Additional Insulin for High Fat Foods

How to treat hyperglycemia on a pump

Carb Free Snacks


Sick Day Management:

Sick day management

Sick Day Instructions

sick day chart – from Wisconsin Children’s Hospital


School Documents:

Sample 504 for Middle School ,with pump and CGM in the Cloud – adapted from ADA Sample 504 Plan

Sample Quick Reference Emergency Plan ©Chasing Lows

High BG Troubleshooting with Pump ©Chasing Lows

Dexcom Instructions Flowchart ©Chasing Lows

Blank Dexcom Instructions Flowchart (Fill in  your own data)

Dexcom Instructions-customizable ©Chasing Lows – This version of the Dexcom Instructions has blank spaces for any glucose values or carb amounts.  This allows you to have the typed instructions, but still write in your own high and low settings and alarm values.


I have had some comments that people are not able to print these documents from this site.  If you are having issues with printing you may view the documents at:   You are not required to be signed in to a google account to view.


***Most of these documents have been taken from various sources on the internet and either retyped or edited by Chasing Lows.  I do not claim ownership of any of these documents, unless otherwise specified on the document.  If you are the owner of any content found on this page and have not been properly credited, please contact the author at: and your information will be added to the specified content.  As always, consult your or your child’s doctor before making any changes to treatment.  I am not a medical professional and nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice.  Chasing Lows and it’s authors/contributors may not be held liable for any outcome that occurs from using or following any documents or content that is taken from this site.

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