Resources and Links

Free or discounted meter or test strip offers: *Please note that some offers may provide you with a certificate to take to your pharmacy.  These offers require you to also provide a prescription written by you or your child’s doctor in order to take advantage of the offer.

Bayer Contour Next Test Strips Savings card.  Save up to $35 off your copay, after paying the first $15 bayer will pay the next $35 of your copay and then you are responsible for any remaining copay (So if your copay is $50 or less you pay only $15 every 30 days for test strips).  If you do not have insurance, this card will provide a $25 discount off cash price, with a prescription and filled through the pharmacy.

Bayer Contour Free/Discounted Meter Offers – Click on the tab for “Meter & Strip Savings” and select which meter you would like to get either free or discounted. Choices include Contour Next EZ ($10 discount certificate), Contour Next (Free meter offer), or Contour NEXT USB (Free meter offer. *Please note the contour next USB does NOT link to an insulin pump, although it is similar in appearance to the contour next link meter that works with medtronic pumps.  If you have not previously received a free Contour Next Link from Medtronic please follow this link to receive a Contour Next Link meter: Contour Next Link)
***All of the meter offers from this site will have you print a certificate to print and take to your local pharmacy along with a valid prescription from your doctor for the meter listed.

One Touch Verio

Freestyle Promise Program (provides free meter, plus discount card for test strips)

Freestyle/Precision Xtra (which also checks blood ketones).  This offer is only for people with certain insurance plans.  There is a drop-down box on the page that you choose your insurance provider from to determine eligibility for this offer.

Accu-Chek Nano or Aviva

Accu-Chek To: Discounted test strip subscription service that includes test strips as well as options for boxes with test strips and additional treats (snacks, healthcare products such as lotions, lip balm, etc.) sent to  your home each month. Cost of box depends on type and quantity of strips chosen. *You may also receive a free Accu-Chek Nano or Aviva meter if you have not previously received a free accu-chek meter.

NovaMax blood glucose and blood ketone monitor *Please note that this offer requires you to purchase 2 boxes of Nova glucose test strips or ketone test strips to receive the free meter.  As of March 2014, one box of test strips through this site is $19.99 USD.


Manufacturers of Diabetes Supplies and Insulin:

Some manufacturers provide patient assistance programs to help cover the cost of supplies and medications.  Some programs are based on income, while others provide a discount to everyone.  Here are some links to manufacturers of the most common supplies and insulin.

Accu-chek – Manufacturer of Accu-Chek glucose meters, test strips, lancing devices, insulin pump

Abbott Labs – Manufacturer of Freestyle glucose meter and Precision ketone/glucose meters, test strips, ketone strips, lancing devices.

Asante Snap – Manufacturer of Snap insulin pump

LifeScan OneTouch – Manufacturer of OneTouch meters, test strips, lancing devices.

Bayer – Manufacturer of Contour and Breeze glucose meters, test strips, lancing devices, A1C Now home A1C test kits.

Nova Diabetes Care – Manufacturer of NovaMax glucose/ketone meter, test strips, ketone strips, lancing devices.

Medtronic Minimed Diabetes – Manufacturer of Medtronic Minimed insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor system.

Animas – Manufacturer of Animas insulin pump.

Tandem Diabetes  – Manufacturer of T:Slim insulin pump.

Insulet – Manufacturer of  OmniPod tubeless insulin pump system.

Dexcom – Manufacturer of Dexcom family of continuous glucose monitors.

Lilly Pharmaceuticals – Manufacturer of Humalog, Humulin N, Humulin R and mix insulins.

Sanofi-Aventis – Manufacturer of Lantus long-acting insulin and Apidra rapid acting insulin.

NovoNordisk – Manufacturer of novolog, novolin N, novolin R and mix insulins.  As well as Levemir long-acting insulin.



Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation aka JDRF –

American Diabetes Association –

Children with Diabetes –



Think Like A Pancreas by Gary Scheiner – Very informative book for the newly diagnosed, as well as established patients with diabetes.  Very comprehensive overview of what diabetes is, as well as how to help manage it.  Info for those doing injections as well as pump therapy.   Available in print and kindle formats.  I purchased the kindle format because it was less expensive, but find myself wishing I had a hard copy to flip through more easily.

A First Book for Understanding Diabetes by H. Peter Chase, MD. & David M. Maahs, MD, PhD  – This book is available to view online by clicking on the title link, however it cannot be printed due to copyright.  It can also be purchased through Amazon as well as other online retailers.  We received it for free in our JDRF Bag Of Hope. It is lovingly referred to as “The Pink Panther Book”, as it has the Pink Panther on the front cover.  It is an abbreviated overview of what happens in the body when Type 1 diabetes develops and explains insulin therapy as well as other helpful information for the newly diagnosed.

Pumping Insulin: Fifth Edition by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts – This is the insulin pumper’s “Bible”.  Goes into great detail about pump settings, how to make adjustments, the different pumps on the market as of publication (2012).  A really great resource for anyone on a pump who is looking to do more self-management and adjustments on their own.

Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide For Parents by Moira McCarthy  – This book is a great resource for any parent of a child with diabetes who is or will ever be a teenager.  I have been fortunate enough to get to know Moira a bit through various facebook groups and some one on one messaging.  I also recently was able to see her and her daughter, Lauren, speak in a small group setting and was completely impressed with both of them.  Lauren is now a 22 year old college student getting ready to graduate from college in Washington, D.C. and is a healthy, well rounded young woman despite going through diabetes burnout during her teen years and giving up on diabetes care during that time.  Moira’s book touches on the challenges she faced through Lauren’s teen years and shares some insight.  Moira also has a blog called Despite Diabetes  which has a great focus on diabetes advocacy, which is something both Moira and Lauren have been quite involved with since the late 1990’s.


Children With Diabetes:  Excellent source of information. Forums.

Effects of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) on the body:



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