#DBlogWeek 2 – poetry?

I was thinking of writing my poem in iambic pentameter a la “10 Things I Hate About You” but I haven’t written in iambic pentameter since high school and we’ll just say it’s been more than a decade, so bear with me.


I hate the way you make her high,

and the way you make her low.

I hate the way you take our sleep,

I hate it when she knows.

I hate your stupid needle pricks

and the way you make her bleed.

I hate that sugar is n0t a want,

but since you, it’s a need.

I hate the way you’re always here,

I hate that you won’t leave.

I hate it when you make her cry,

even more when you make me grieve.

I hate that we may never know,

how to get you out of our life.

But mostly I hate

the way you have changed us,

for the better,

despite all of the bad times,

and the sleepless nights.