I’d like to say today was a weird day. It really wasn’t. Except for maybe all the juice boxes. 

Angelina’s day in food:

8am. Pretzel bagel. 45g carbs. Toasted, with butter. 


3pm. Apple juice. 15g carbs, no bolus. 

3:30pm. Rice cake. 14g, no bolus. 

  6pm. Thai roasted duck noodle soup. From a Thai restaurant. Bolus for 40g carbs.   

8ish pm. 113⬇️ Homestuck apple juice.  Instagramed. 15g carbs no bolus.  
8:15pm. Rice cake. 14g carbs, no bolus. 


9pm. More Apple juice. No bolus.   

9:05pm. Chocolate. Some unknown carbs. Swag for 10g, no bolus.  


12 hour trend line. 

This post is brought to you thanks to diabetes blog week.  Check it out here: Bittersweet Diabetes

{most photos posted courtesy of Google images search. Except: Dexcom graph, Angelina drinking juice, chocolate}

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