18 thoughts on “Oh High There. #dblogcheck

  1. The variables around diabetes management seem to NEVER change, and by saying that I mean, they never change being variables that we think AREN’T variable, but then they are. (Confused? Me, too. 🙂 ) #dblogcheck!


    • After writing this and looking at the calendar I think I figured out what the variable was. As if being a pre-teen girl wasn’t hard enough… diabetes has to join the freaking party!


    • If I had to pinpoint any one thing I would say puberty hormones. Because that seems to be to blame for EVERYTHING diabetes related lately. But, I’ve been placing a lot of blame on puberty lately so I thought it would be a nice change of scenery to blame the time change this week, even if it really is puberty that’s being a pain in my you-know-what.


  2. Ugh. I hate it when corrections and higher temp basals make my blood sugar go UP! Also, that’s too bad about the share not giving audio alerts when the phone is on vibrate.


    • I KNOW! And the share… I made sure my volume was on when I went to bed. And it woke me up at 3:30am with an audible alarm so I really don’t know how it got switched to vibrate. The only thing I can think of is maybe my husband heard it go off when he got up for work and couldn’t figure out how to make it stop alarming so just switched the volume off. I will have to ask him. And then tell him NEVER to touch my phone again.


  3. If I had to categorize a large number of the new people I’ve met today with #dblogcheck, I would say it’s D-Parents. I think you guys are rock stars as you work to manage T1 and keep your children safe and happy. I’ve added your blog to my Feedly Reader and I look forward to learning more of your story. And thanks for visiting my blog today:-)


    • Fortunately she seemed in good spirits and was happy to spend the day at home instead of at school. And aside from drinking lots of water seemed relatively unphased by it. I’m not sure whether to be happy that it doesn’t totally wipe her out, or upset that her body doesn’t clue her in more that this isn’t where it’s supposed to be hanging out and thus providing motivation to make it stop. *shrug* Chalk it up to the mysteries of the universe.


  4. Ah, the fun of diabetes at night. Never dull, is it? I’m with you: not sure time change can be blamed, although with that being said, I’m also convinced a butterfly flapping on the other side of the globe impacts my BG… so who knows. Really interested in hearing your overall thoughts on Dexcom SHARE, down the road. Glad to have read this, and definitely that you all woke up to some fantabulous (ti’s a word, I promise) BG in the morning! Thanks for sharing this.


    • Fantabulous is definitely a word, even if spell check is giving me red squiggly lines under it right now. 😀 As for feedback on the Share… I recognize you from CGM in the Cloud group, so be sure you’ll hear my thoughts and opinions of it as time goes on. I can tell you for now I am enjoying it immensely for the simplicity, ease of use, and contuous feed of numbers on my phone without any extra work on my part.

      We are continuing to use Nightscout during the day while she is at school so we can both keep our numbers on our watches as she is in middle school and the watch adds a cool factor, plus a discretion factor since she doesn’t have to pull the Dexcom out to check her levels. Nightscout is more work, still deal with occasional connection issues that have to be fixed manually (cord wiggles, battery dies, forgot to switch off airplane mode before she left, etc.) and the fact that it’s just generally more cumbersome to carry. But it provides valuable information that the Share just does not which is worth the extra hassle. Both have their pros and cons and so we use them both and have a better overall system for watching BG’s from afar. And also not so afar because I’ve gotten lazy about even looking at her receiver anymore, I jut look at my phone if I can’t look at my watch, lol.


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