We Are Not Waiting


CGM in the cloud is up and running.

2 thoughts on “We Are Not Waiting

  1. this is awesome! Do you have the wristwatch?

    I really want to do this, but have to get over the feeling of not knowing how to work an android/a cord/a cable.


    • it took HOURS for me to set up and i consider myself pretty tech savvy. However, after about the second hour i think i should have taken a break. Also not helped by the fact that i bought a phone not on the tested and confirmed list which turned out not to work and i had to run to target at 9pm to exchange for a moto g (which was out of stock at the target i had gone to earlier, which is why i tried the cheaper phone in the first place). But, honestly it wasn’t that bad and the directions were very explanatory if you’re good at reading and following detailed directions using things that you have no idea what you’re doing. I also was able to search the cgm in the cloud facebook group for answers when I ran into problems and most everything had an answer. I plan on writing about the whole experience sometime this week, but today was basking in “lookie what i did!!!!”


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