Let Summer Commence!

Tomorrow is Angelina’s last day of school, technically.  The last day is really the 19th, but on Monday she and I will be heading off to outdoor science school with 94 other 5th grade students, teachers and chaperones.  I am NOT chaperoning for anyone except Angelina.  I am attending as her personal nurse, lol.

After those lovely* four days we will be home for four days before catching a red-eye Monday night headed East to visit family in Florida for two weeks.  David will be joining us halfway through that time since he doesn’t have the extra time off work and I am not sure what Angelina’s blood sugars are going to do with travelling, a 3 hour time change and the Florida heat and humidity.  The first week (or at least the first few days) we are in Florida will be a test to see how Angelina’s levels adjust to make sure that she is going to be relatively stable before David gets there so the week he is there we can actually ENJOY vacation and hopefully not be stressed out about what her levels are doing.

Of course, I’m a stresser, a worrier.  I have been stressing about how this trip is going to go for the past two months.  I planned on us travelling there separately specifically for the purpose of being able to deal with Angelina’s likely blood sugar issues beforehand.  I am NOT looking forward to travelling alone with her for the first time since her diagnosis last year.  I didn’t ever particularly care for travelling alone with her, even before diabetes.  But, the stress of not being able to predict her blood sugar on vacation beat out the stress of flying cross country without David while trying to keep track of an ADHD 10 y/o with T1 and all the LUGGAGE that entails.  I have been packing her medical supplies suitcase since the beginning of May.  We didn’t even have our plane tickets in the beginning of May.

I’m a nutcase.  Straight up neurotic.  Please tell me it will all work out.


Bonus:  Three weeks after we get back from Florida Angelina will be going to Diabetes Camp for a week and I will get a much needed diabetes break.  Who am I kidding?  I’m going to stress the whole time she’s gone and wonder what her BG is doing and whether she’s behaving and listening to the counselors.  Whether she’s making friends or alienating everyone.  And, lastly, whether she’ll want to go back next year.  Because I want her to go back next year, while I also want her to hate it because her being away and me not knowing what’s going on is more stressful than her being here and me being able to handle it.  Ok, I admit, I’m a total control freak.


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