Scary Things – Part 1

I’m not sure what is going on these past few days but I am feeling a bit off balance.


On Sunday, Angelina ate some robin eggs for breakfast and then we decided to get buffet brunch around 11am.  Dexcom was reading just under 400 BG in short order.  So, of course I pushed some correction and set a temp basal to bring her down.  She decided she was going to wash the car so she donned her swim suit and a bucket full of soapy water and went to work.  We decided to bolus for her basal rate for an hour since I really didn’t want her going without an hours worth of insulin when she was already so high.  But I also didn’t want her insulin pump getting wet either.  Of course as soon as she went outside her Dexcom went out of range, but I wasn’t worried.  She came in about an hour later looking for a towel and decided to take a warm bath with her bathing suit still on.  I finally looked at her Dexcom and told her she needed to get hooked back up to her pump.  Dexcom was reading around 150.  As always, it took her a while to decide to finally get out of the tub.

David and I were playing Rock Band and she came and sat on the couch by him (I was across the room) and said she wanted to play.  I looked over at her and told her she needed to put her pump back on, but could she please check her BG to see how things were.  As she was opening her meter case I could see her hands shaking from across the room.  Dexcom said 114.  Meter said 49.  So I said “Check again.  Your fingers are waterlogged maybe they’re just too wet and the drop was diluted.”  Second test: 45.

Screenshot 2014-04-22 12.14.48

Gave juice, calibrated Dexcom.  It was then reading about 55 but quickly started going back up. An hour later I got the alert that she had double up arrows and BG was high, 256.  What.the.eff.  Pump was back on at this point. Hm.  Decided to give it a minute for arrows to level out, and check a few minutes later and reading was slightly lower and arrows had leveled out so no correction.

Everyone went back about what they were doing. Angelina decided to play Rock Band on her own after David and I quit.  I was on the computer and decided it was time to start dinner and realized the house was quiet.  Dexcom showed her BG at 110, but I thought maybe she had gone back outside so I asked David to find her and check on her while I got dinner started.  He comes into the kitchen and says “She’s in her bed, sleeping.”  Which made my d-mama senses tingle adn I said “Okay, we need to check her BG”.  Took meter into her room and checked: 45.  Seriously?!?!  Calibrated Dexcom.  Rechecked: 34!  Meanwhile David had gone to grab a juice box.  When I shook her to have her drink at first she didn’t respond and she hadn’t woken up when I checked her BG so I felt panic rising up in me.  Fortunately then she opened her eyes and took the juice from me.  We calibrated the Dexcom (again!) and it wouldn’t accept the 34 BG reading and just came up with and a blood drop.  I tried entering in the 34 again but it wouldn’t accept it. (It didn’t dawn on me until later that it wouldn’t take it because the Dexcom only reads between 40 and 400 and the 34 was too low).

She finished her juice and I said I would be back in a few minutes to check her again.  I went about trying to get dinner ready and realized I was missing an ingredient so I sent David to the store.  After he left Angelina made her way into the living room and was sort of drooped in the recliner.  I asked her how she was feeling and she said “I just feel so weak.  It was really hard to walk in here from my room.”   At that point the Dexcom started reading again and said she was in the 60’s.  So, I did another fingerstick and BG was around 110.  I went back to making dinner and let her recuperate on the couch.

The dexcom seemed to be okay after that but I was a bit wary to trust it.  She took a shower just before bed and she said “Mom, can we just change my sensor?  It hurts.”  So we started over.  Called Dexcom and a replacement should be arriving sometime today.  However, that meant we did a sensor change at almost 10pm and her blood sugars were wonky all day.  I finally ended up getting to bed around 1:30 am.


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