What. The. Eff.

****Fair warning that I *MIGHT* use strong language in this post.  If you are easily offended by strong language then you might want to just skip this post altogether.****

I was so excited this morning.  I called the insurance and was informed that Angelina’s Dexcom was approved about 5 minutes before I called to check on the status.  So, I called Edgepark to share the good news! (Well, to tell them “Hey, we got auth.  Get your asses moving!”  I got the voicemail for the rep we have been working with so I just pushed the button to speak with any rep.  So, I gave her the auth info and she took the order info.  She said she would have to call the insurance for some other info they needed to process it, but having the authorization code should expedite that.  She said she would put the order in and it should ship today as long as all the documentation was in order.  She said she would call if there were any problems.   Well, I got excited because I have been being told for over 2 weeks now that everything is in order, they have at least TWO copies of the RX/Certificate of Medical Necessity from the doctor so everything should be fine.  Yeah…should.

So, around 2pm I realized “Hey, it’s 2pm.  That’s 5pm EST and since they seem to operate on EST I should log in and see if the Dexcom shipped since I haven’t heard anything it should have.”  WRONG! FUCKING WRONG!  What am I greeted with but the following screens:

Screenshot 2014-01-16 14.22.39

Screenshot 2014-01-16 14.24.07

Now, mind you, the RX was sent to Dexcom but they forwarded everything to Edgepark in the beginning.  I also was told last week that they got ANOTHER RX from the dr during the whole fax fiasco.  And, the RX is not just an RX.  It’s an entire page of “Is the patient on insulin? What is the diagnosis? How many times a day to they check blood sugar?”  So all of her condition information is right there.  And if that’s not enough I filled all the SAME info out on her stupid online account when I set it up.  It still says “pending” from a month ago.   Um, HELLOOOOOO… YES! SHE HAS INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES!  fuckers.



If that’s not all infuriating enough I then noticed this:

Screenshot 2014-01-16 14.23.51

See what I pointed to with the red arrow there?  No, your eyes are not deceiving you… the transmitter is on BACKORDER.   Nice of them to mention that, right?

So, I did what any normal, sane questionably sane at this point, person would do.  I called them.  Since, you know, they were supposed to call me and didn’t.  Well, guess what?  “I’m sorry Ma’am, that department is CLOSED.”  Me: “Can I speak with a supervisor?”  “I’m sorry, Ma’am, that department is closed and no supervisors are available.  Can I help you with anything else today?”

I am beyond pissed.  I am like, blow a gasket, pop a blood vessel in my eyeball kind of mad right now.  Can they dick us around any more?  OH, yeah….  Also noticed that shipping method was “UPS Standard Ground”  which translates to “slow as fuck”.   Tried calling our rep back and got her voicemail AGAIN, which she will likely finally return my call next Tuesday.  Did I mention that the CGM department mysteriously closes at 5pm EST, but our rep says her hours are 7am-3:30pm PST (Which translates to 10am-6:30pm EST).  She can’t be the only CGM rep who works on PST, right?

And, to put icing on the cake… My phone rings about 5 minutes after I hung up with Edgepark.  It’s Angelina’s school.  Well, since we learned yesterday that they’re not supposed to call me unless she’s under 70 or above 300 I braced for the worst.  Answered the phone and the health tech says “Her meter battery needs charged, you need to send it back tomorrow.”  Yes, thank you, I realize that.   “Her blood sugars are good today.  Do you want to know what it just was or do you just want me to send the note home? (Of course I don’t want to know now, please…leave me in suspense. *sarcasm*)  Her blood sugar is 240.”     And that’s good?  And they wonder why I want to know what her blood sugar is when she’s at school.  Because this health tech, who supposedly assisted other T1s in the school district for twelve years thinks a blood sugar of 240 is good.

Today is David’s 30th birthday.  We’re having a party at our house tomorrow and I have been busy all week cleaning and preparing and today was going so well and his birthday was going to be great.  I need to try to be happy and not vent about this to him today.  BUT DAMMIT… WHY!?!?!??!  WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH FUCKING IDIOTS?!?!


3 thoughts on “What. The. Eff.

    • I haven’t gotten around to the conclusion of this whole edgepark mess, except that we did eventually get the Dexcom. All the actual stuff was sent to us directly FROM DEXCOM. Apparently Edgepark doesn’t physically send the receivers and transmitters, they just handle getting all the paperwork and billing the insurance. Poorly, at that.


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