Let’s Pile On Some More Frustrations

I think I’ve posted before about my experiences with Angelina’s school.  They agreed fairly reasonably to the 504 Plan that I wrote with only a few minor changes.  However, they have been totally nit-picky about the doctor’s orders and what to do about situations that aren’t specifically written into the plan.  The doctor came up with the solution, which was to write into the orders “Please call mother if any unusual circumstances or questions. she is authorized by me to verbally override these written instructions when special unforeseen circumstances arise”  Well, we have had some “special unforeseen circumstances” arise, which involved a particularly stubborn high that lasted around 24 hours starting Monday night into Tuesday afternoon.  We did a site change Tuesday morning before school and did correction, but numbers remained high and rather than pick her up from school I told her over the phone to do a temp basal.  We had run a temp basal for a while the night before with some success, but as soon as we turned it off she went right back up into the 300’s, which is also where she spent most of the morning on Tuesday.

We had a meeting scheduled this morning  (as requested by me back in December before winter break) and in attendance was the health tech, the district nurse, the district nurse supervisor, the teacher, the assistant principal, me and Angelina.  During the course of the meeting the district nurse supervisor essentially told me that they are not allowed to take orders from parents, only the dr, and if it’s not written in the dr’s orders they can’t do it.  They also denied Angelina the option of checking her blood sugar in the classroom, even though in the dr’s orders it says she is capable of independent management of her care except for calculating her insulin dose, and even that is just with supervision (she basically needs someone to double check her math and log how much insulin she’s giving herself).  Which, mind you, isn’t even really necessary because her pump does all the calculations for her and the tech essentially just writes it down, it’s more just so she has to go the office at least once a day to check in.

So, I told them (again) that I would like to see her being more independent as I think that it will solve some of the issues they are having with her being not so nice when she has to come into the office.  They refuse to budge on this issue and instead have decided that her afternoon check (before her hour long bus ride on a bus where the driver doesn’t know what to look for or what to do) isn’t necessary, so that will cut down on their involvement.   The nurse supervisor’s reasoning?  Their other diabetic students don’t check in the afternoon before getting on the bus.  And since apparently they can’t take directions from me on what to do in situations that aren’t clearly outlined in the dr’s orders they are also no longer going to call me unless her blood sugar is below 70 or over 300.

They also will no longer agree to do correction insulin outside of lunch time, even though that was another thing I fought with them about at the beginning of the year and had the dr write into the orders.  However, the nurse supervisor took the dr’s wording “Insulin for correction OR as determined and given by parent: Humalog (correction factor is 125)”  to mean that the “and given by parent” means that I have to physically give the correction, not that I give the DIRECTIONS for the correction, which is what it was actually meant to say as discussed with her dr when I had her write it into the orders.  So then the nurse supervisor says… wait for it “We don’t give extra correction with our other diabetic students.  Why do you want her getting extra correction in the afternoon anyway?”  I dunno… maybe because if her blood sugar is high it shouldn’t be?  And it’s not going to go down on it’s own.  The orders do say not to give more often than every 2 hours, which is not even the issue, and again, she’s on a pump which automatically calculates whether correction is needed based on active insulin and blood sugar levels.  Because the nurse supervisor’s next comment was “The doctor didn’t even give us a sliding scale for correction anyway.  She has the correction factor here but not at what level to give correction at.”  Except on the next page of the orders it gave the sliding scale and it started at 150.  And again… pump calculates everything. And those rates, ratios, factors change in the pump.  I’m not going to have the dr write new orders all the time because a dosage rate changed when it doesn’t really make a difference as far as the school goes.

And… I have been considering homeschooling Angelina.  I joined a local homeschool group back in November and we have been attending weekly park days with them to get to know some people and get input from others who are already homeschooling.  I’m not really ready to start her and David and I agreed that if we did it it wouldn’t be until the fall so she could finish out this school year, but after this meeting today I am ready to withdraw her.  David is worried about how the stress of being home with her all day every day and trying to actually teach her is going to effect me, but I can’t say that I’m not already stressed out with school, even though she’s in public school currently.  It will be an adjustment, for all of us, but I think the most stressful part for me now is not knowing what’s going on at school.  Or getting 10 phone calls because she’s not cooperating, and then finding out she’s not cooperating because they are doing something wrong and she knows it.  She isn’t the most communicative child and so she will often just “shut down” instead of using her words, especially if she is challenged.  Of course, the challenge with that is that she can also be manipulative and will say definitively whatever needs to be said to get her way.  It’s hard to tell when she’s actually telling the truth and when she is just trying to get her way.


9 thoughts on “Let’s Pile On Some More Frustrations

  1. Jessica that is a big decision and commitment to home school, but only you know in your gut if it is right or wrong. It sounds like you know your daughter best and how to deal with her and of course, how to handle her Diabetes. It might be the best experience for both of you too. I know other parents who homeschooled and loved it. Good luck with your decision. You have had a lot of stress on you the past few weeks. 😦


    • You are absolutely right. I am not doing anything rash right now. I was very revved up most of today though and this meeting just felt like the last straw, ya know? I am already planning on taking her out in the fall so why not now? This is what I tell myself. And then I remind myself that not now is because I’m not prepared yet. The Fall gives me time to adjust and time to prepare, mentally and educationally. My husband was the one who suggested waiting until fall. His reasoning is that I want to strangle her over the summer every year, so he said if we can make it through the summer and I am still wanting to homeschool then he is on board for us to try it, lol.


    • Also, most of this entire post was a vent that I didn’t want to spew all over various groups that I participate in because it is mostly a vent. I did post about it on a local T1 group I am in because I was looking for other people’s experiences here locally. No one is in our district through, but neighboring districts and most of the people that responded said they didn’t meet with this much resistance for things like independent bg checking and giving verbal instructions for things that were outside the normal routine.


  2. I wonder where she got the last part from,the “shutting down” ? Grandmommy is going to come throw some crazy on those people…Remember…If my child gets sick because YOU ( school) failed to follow the dr’s orders or contact me…YOU (school) are responsible !!!! If something happens to my child in your care …YOU are responsible !!! Sometimes they just need to be reminded… I am sorry you are still having these issues…<3 !


    • Well, that’s the issue. They are micromanaging her which makes her a crazy beast (I know you’ve seen that side of her) because they can’t let her do anything on her own without them poking in because if something happened that they weren’t aware of they are saying they are liable. Sorry, if I tell her to do something I am the ULTIMATE authority, period. The thing from yesterday that they were nitpicking over, this is the first time I have had her do something like that and I have walked her through it in the past (at home) and over the phone yesterday I told her exactly what to do, the same as I would have had I been there in person. Since I wasn’t there in person it’s a problem, according to them. Found out the nurse supervisor who was the one being nitpicky is the nurse at the middle school she will be going to next year if we don’t homeschool. I now have mixed feelings about that because of the fact that the reason we want her to go there is because I am right across the street and wouldn’t even have to get in the car to come do something. But, if this nurse is going to be this nitpicky I”m not sure I want to have to deal with her for the next 3 years.


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