Welcome to National Diabetes Awareness Month!

As a nice kickoff for #NDAM (National Diabetes Awareness Month) I decided to share our day with the Twitterverse and Facebook through my twitter account: @ChasingLows and facebook page: Chasing Lows.  This was a total rip off of the T1D4ADay awareness campaign that I blogged about in an earlier post that is being sponsored by JDRF and Lilly Diabetes.  I just thought it would be cool to add our voice and experience to the cause to bring awareness to how Type 1 Diabetes effects us on a personal level on a daily basis.

In addition to my own T1DPARENT4ADay campaign (haha) I am also planning on participating in the Diabetes Awareness Month Photo A Day challenge and will be attempting to throw up a photo each day.  This will be more likely to happen through Twitter or my facebook page, so be sure to check in at the links I added above!

Since I am here though, right now, here is the challenge: I think this particular list was “borrowed” from Kerri over at Six Until Me, but I got it from Katy at Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes.

Diabetes Month Photo A Day












For Day 1 here is a “Past” picture:  This was Angelina practicing her “scary” persona in preparation for being a vampire princess for Halloween.  This was from Halloween 2009, so she was 6 years old.ang vampire

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