‘Round Here

School is in full swing, homework is in full swing, and something in the air is making all the local kids have low blood sugars. Except for Angelina. Of course, that could be because her numbers have been higher than they should be lately. Last night she was actually in range, before and after dinner, and woke up with a 103 blood sugar this morning! Her morning numbers have actually been decent lately and I think her overnight basals are about perfect for her. But, she has been waking up 150’s-160’s and I remember when she was on Lantus the dr saying that she likes to see between 85-120 for morning checks. Of course, that was on Lantus. Now we just want her to be in range. In range is 100-150 for her. The past couple of days have been almost… pleasant? I don’t want to get too comfortable with that, because it’s weird for us. Not necessarily her diabetes, but just in general. There seems to always be some kind of turmoil boiling around here. Whether it is her diabetes, or her attitude issues, problems with homework (she actually did her homework on the bus home the other day and was done by the time she got home!), problems with MY attitude clashing with HER attitude, something. Something is always WRONG. So it feels WRONG for things to be going smoothly.

On the other hand, David is working like 1,398,475 hours again. It’s end of quarter and we never see him the entire month of end of quarter at his job. He worked 97 hours the week Angelina was diagnosed in March. And that was the last week of March, and all of those weeks were pretty similar. He didn’t really get to be trained when I did, or every talk to the doctors, or really experience any of it. But he still made that effort to head straight to the hospital after working a 12 (or more) hour day. Never mind that he was falling asleep and only would stay about an hour so I could get a short break.  He was still there, even though he wasn’t.


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