It’s Here!

Angelina’s purple pump has arrived!  It was shipped out on Thursday and was supposed to be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday).  However, I have a busy day tomorrow and wasn’t sure if I would be here to sign for it.  We certainly couldn’t wait until Wednesday for UPS to re-deliver so I opted to pick it up from their customer center.  It’s only about 10 minutes from my house and I got to choose when I wanted to go get it.  Which, of course, was as soon as possible!  So, imagine my excitement when I noticed last night that the package would be arriving TODAY instead of tomorrow!   I did not sleep well at all last night and must have woken up at least 5 times.  I finally gave up and got up for good around 7:30am to be at the UPS place by 8:00am when they opened.  I maybe ended up getting about 5 hours of sleep last night, lol.

Anyway, I came home with the box and went in to see if Angelina wanted to come open it.  She seemed totally uninterested and said I could do it.  Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.  David is home today as well, and as of right now they are both still sleeping.  It’s 10:30am.

So here’s what we got in the magic box:

2013-07-01 08.47.27











Purple Medtronic Minimed Pardigm Real-Time Revel 723:

2013-07-01 09.13.08











New Bayer Contour Next Link Blood Glucose Meter.  This thing is pretty cool.  It communicates with the pump by sending her bg reading to the pump to help calculate correction insulin doses. Also, infusion sets and reservoirs.

2013-07-01 08.49.16











Here’s the pump box:

2013-07-01 08.49.04











And just for shiggles, here is the very poorly sewn pump pouch that I made her.  I am still working on perfecting my machine sewing technique. She loves it though, so that’s what counts right?  Who cares if I can’t stitch straight!

2013-06-30 12.27.57


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