This is Not the Honeymoon We Wanted

Angelina is officially honeymooning.  This means that her pancreas has decided that what beta cells are left can now start trying to function again.  Except there’s not enough to provide for ALL her insulin needs, so she still requires insulin through injections.  The problem with this is we never know exactly how much insulin her body is going to make on it’s own and she has been experiencing a lot of low blood sugar readings and some scary times for me.  This happens because I give her a set amount of insulin (which has been reduced due to the lows, but it’s trial and error how much is too much and how much is too little) and her body tries to make it’s own.

I made this meme to commemorate this momentous event.

dos insulin


One thought on “This is Not the Honeymoon We Wanted

  1. So, do they have her checking her blood levels? Haven’t they given you a dosage for the ___ to ____ readings? Or is it too soon?


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